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We do contract engineering in ALL phases of electronic engineering and electronic product development. For example: If you have an idea for a new product with appropiate budget for development, we can discuss arrangements to design that product. Or perhaps you already have a product that either needs modification or "fixing" of problem-design issues. Perhaps you need a contract electrical engineer at your location for a period of time?

What we specialize in....

schematic design pcb layout sample antenna pattern
From............. Schematic Design....   ...to PCB Layout......   ...to actual unit.... ....even ...antenna design and testing !!

What you need to know.....

What we charge....

Did you notice that no engineering firms provide their fees on the web? We do. We offer a sliding scale based on hours utilized and longevity of client.

Two ways we charge:
Now that was simple...wasn't it?

What we don't do...

Initial consultations via phone or e-mail are FREE !!

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Contact our rep. via voicemail: 513-373-4711 or
email us here...sales "at" wavetechnology.org 




Click here for some Free Papers and Tools on RF Design


Free VSWR, noise, power conversions...Pi and Tee Attenuator networks


Free filter design software

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